Leef provides solutions to mobile users' memory problems, designed from the inside out.


Creating the mobile memory category with their original iBridge product launch, Leef offer mobile memory extension solutions for both Apple and Android devices, including phone and tablet.

With dedicated app software for all mobile devices, users can seamlessly connect wirelessly or plug-and-play to record video or take photos directly onto the latest iBridge Air and iBridge 3, as well as transfer content betweem device, iBridge and cloud storage systems such as iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive.


iOS & Android plug-and-play solutions

Transfer files between device & iBridge

Record video & photos direct to iBridge

Secure - password protection option

SD card readers/managers

Leef Product Range


iBridge Air

iOS & Android external memory extension

Stream and share MP4 & MP3

Migrate photos, videos and other docs from/to devices

Create central repository via own Wi-Fi access point

Auto backup contacts, photos, videos and other files.


iBridge 3

Apple device external memory extension

Manage with iOS 11 optimised app

iPhone, iPad and Mac compatible

16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB & 256GB options

Silver, Black & Rose Gold

Leef_iAccess 3_with microSD card.jpg

iAccess 3

Apple device SD card reader & manager

Manage with iOS 11 optimised app

Import/export data with action cams, drones or other devices and your iPhone or iPad

Available in space grey


Bridge Type C

Android device external memory extension

Manage with android specific app

Quick transfer between USB-A & C

Record content direct to Bridge

File manager compatible with cloud storage systems

16GB, 32GB, 64GB & 128GB options in grey

Leef_Access-C_with microSD card.png

Access C

Android device SD card reader & manager

Manage with dedicated android app

Import/Export data between your android device and drone, action cam or other SD card compatible devices

Available in grey