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The goal for long term success... to maximising your revenue, profit and product traction.

Collaberatively attending to all aspects of your processes to ultimately drive sales to the consumer. Great product. Great Presentation. Accessibility. Reliability. Success.

Many new brands share their success stories with us, highligiting they’ve signed a an agreement with a major distribution partner in the UK and Europe with guaranteed order values.


Distributors are just that; distributors.  They fulfill orders from retail, ordering stock on demand to satisfy retail requirements. Yet this quick win isn’t followed through, with no consideration on in-store presentation, staff training, brand awareness and more, with returns back to you or price support and reduced margins inevitable. This is a far too common theme.


Limitless Lifestyle work for your interests.


We digest all aspects of your brand. It’s values. It’s ambitions.

Starting with product design, we ensure the three main principles of design are achieved before moving further;








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Then we ensure commercials are inline with today’s retail demands whilst remaining within the boundaries of your brands price points.

We then generate a sales strategy based on target consumer and where and HOW they shop, ensuring we consider why they’d purchase your product.

From this, we then differ from the usual go-to-market strategy in that we leverage our contacts and experience to present DIRECT to retailers for both instore and online listings. Maintaining this relationship with the buyers and decision makers is VITAL to the long-term success of the brand.

By not relying on distributors who present your product with  many other brands and dilute your proposition, we give your brand the focus it deserves, highlighting all USPs and answer why your product should replace their current in-store offer.

Selecting product that works for both brand and retailer, we then select the distribution partner that would best serve our requirements, working on our terms. Availability is key, and for this reason a distributor local to the market with experience with the selected retailer is critical.

With terms agreed, sell-through plans in place including instore and online positioning, purcashe orders are placed and the real work begins.

Driving sell through and securing re-orders season-after-season by tending to the partnership and all aspects of the sale is key and requires time for data analysis, store visits and more.

Avoid the heavy investment in an unexperienced UK team with office and other start-up expenses and let us manage all aspects of your UK and selected European countries.

And most important, we have access to all the above instantly, generating results, leads and listings much more efficiently and timely than developing the markets yourself.


How to start?

We pride ourselves in partnering with brands we believe in, with a clear USP and potential. For this reason, we select our partners carefully and only work within the consumer electronic and mobile, computer and tablet accessories industry. Get in contact to discuss your brands suitability.



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